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Thursday, March 23, 2006

I knew it was too good to be true

Relax, as of this writing, I still have custody.

As a courtesy I sat down with ex-FIL to deliver the news in person. Turns out EX never told him what was going on. Needless to say, he was PISSED. All he could do was spout about the girls schools. Yes, they are among the top in the state and ours, well...not quite. AND he admitted that his son is sick, that he has emotional/mental problems. BUT ex-FIL and ex-SIL have been taking care of the girls-taking them to school, the doctors, etc. Ok, that is MY point, it is ex's responsibility, not theirs. And if ex can't do it, then it is MY responsibility. If anyone had bothered to communicate with me on this, I probably wouldn't have had a problem. But no matter how fantastic the schools are, the girls still have to come home at night. And weekends, and vacations. No one seemed to get it that there is a serious problem in the home. I think they are going to pull a fast one.

The good news? They don't have a leg to stand on. This is between ex and me. My ex makes a huge mistake last night by calling my attorney and leaving a message on his voice mail. There was a typo on the letter to ex (but not on the legal documents), stating this is "In re: the marriage of "Witch", but in the letter says that ex has 3 weeks to get his ass into court. Ex's message spouts that "her divorce doesn't concern me." (He told Agatha earlier that Hubs and I were getting a divorce. AS IF!). And the court document that says "In re: the marriage of Ex-wife, NKA (now known as) Manic Witch vs. Ex." Ex goes on to say that he's been divorced for 7 years and THIS doesn't concern him either. Oh yeah, he did start out the message by telling the attorney that he just opened the letter because he thought it was junk mail. WHAT A FUCKING MORON! Yeah, try telling the judge that you don't open mail from a lawyer. The judge is already pissed at him for not showing up. Now explain THAT to him.
During the conversation with ex-FIL, he made some comment about the high hispanic population where I live. (He is such a bigot). Then he asks the name of the judge. "Martinez, Rodriguez, Lopez, Solis" I am not giving the real name here. Just pick one. The result is the same. Ex-FIL just made an almost racist comment only to find that the judge is "one of them." Hee.

Now the fun begins. We pick the girls up tomorrow. We have in the order that we may utilize the sheriff to help. I've already made arrangements for that. I have a feeling that ex-fil is going to try to get an emergency injunction, but I doubt that will fly. Still, now I remember why I was glad to get away from that family. Now I've opened myself up to lots of involvement with them. The good news is that I hold all the cards. I didn't have a problem with their continued involvement with the girls, but fuck with me? Well, fuck you. You don't have to like me. I don't care. But you are not going to screw with me and expect me to roll over. Manic don't play that.

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