Manic Witch

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I have priorities. I just have to get them in order.

*New and improved-with edits*

I really, REALLY have to:

1. Organize my tote bag for court tomorrow. *sort of done. I have to wait until tomorrow to finish.*
2. Walk. I haven't lost any weight since last summer and really need to get back on track.
3. Finish that damn shawl.
4. Clean a couple of rooms around here. *got the kitchen sorta cleaned up. Its amazing how much gets done when you have no motivation, and half-assed standards once in a while.*
5. Finish reading the couple of magazines that I have-before the next issues come in the mail. *taking them for the train ride and while I wait for court.*

Instead, I:

1. Deleted and/or organized a bunch of links in my "favorites" folder.
2. Printed out a bunch of knitting patterns so I could delete a bunch of links.
3. Cleaned up my personal folder on the computer.
4. Checked my email about a dozen times, only to find about 10 new emails, and 6 of them were spam.
5. Blogged.
6. Helped Hubs pack for a trip this weekend. He was supposed to leave tomorrow, but had to take off today.

And at the end of the day:

I will bitch that I didn't get anything done.

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