Manic Witch

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

But there's noooothing to do-oooo.

That's not the kids whining-it's me. There is absolutely nothing to do here in Hometown, USA for a family on a Saturday night. Hubs suggested we go out for a Fun Fun Witch Family Fest last Saturday evening, instead of sitting around the house, flopped on the couch watching a movie. We K-Mart so I could get some new shoes, socks and "stops-em-from-floppin" and we got the latest Harry Potter flick. Then we begin our quest for fun. We hit one bowling alley in town. Nope, leagues. Ok, we hit the other one. Same thing. We drive past the theater. Percy wanted to see a couple, but we weren't going to spend that kind of money on a movie Hubs and I had absolutely no desire to see. We go to the roller rink. (Haven't done that since I was around Percy's age). We can't get in because they were nearing the end of one "session" and the next time to get in wouldn't be for another hour. Besides, the lobby smelled like a gas station bathroom. So now we are driving around for about another 1/2 hour. We really don't want to go to the Mega-Mall. We knew Percy wouldn't be too happy bumming the mall with the 'rents. What did we end up doing? Yup. Sat around the house, flopped on the couch, watching Harry Potter.
(Did anyone NOT see this one coming? Raise your hand).

Ok, we don't live in Mayberry. We don't have Floyd sitting in front of his shop shooting the shit with Andy. This is a fair sized, suburban community. There just isn't anything for a family to do. Of course we do have a bar on every corner, sometimes two, but Hubs and I really don't drink anymore, and Percy is too young.

Any suggestions?

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