Manic Witch

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

And ANOTHER thing!

Teyla reminded me of another medical rant:

Remember to bring your orders/referrals with you when you go for tests or to the specialist. We tell you 10 times, "Be sure you bring this with you". The lab cannot run any tests without the doctor's order and your HMO will not cover your visit to the specialist without a referral. And if we tell you this 10 times, DO NOT call us the day of the appointment saying that you forgot it or didn't know you had to bring it with you. This means we have to stop whatever we are doing look up your chart, pull the order, fax it to wherever you are, wait for another call because you gave us the wrong fax number or spend 10 minutes faxing it because the number you gave us is busy....AND you've just put the specialist behind schedule since s/he won't see you without the referral because they are not going to risk not getting paid because you can't be bothered to bring one little piece of paper with you.

You DO have options though... you can reschedule-which would inconvienence everyone else because now they have to eat that unused appointment time, or you can pay for the tests/appointment out of pocket. Or you could just remember to bring the fucking thing with you. It's your call.

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