Manic Witch

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

30 second update...


The judge took my testimony, was rather not-happy that ex STILL didn't show up and granted me full, sole custody. AND because ex has not been in contact, he will have to go to court in May to ask for visitiation. This means he does not get to see the kids until mid May! Since he didn't bother to try to have a say in anything, now he has to ask for whatever it is that he wants. Hee.
We pick the girls up Friday after school (on the judges order) and our new life begins. We have decided to just place them in their new schools after spring break. There is still too much school left to try risking anything with their grandfather. Since ex gets NO visitation, and if the girls were with exFIL, then they could violate that part of the judgement. AND I don't want exFIL trying to pull some shit at their schools either. I faxed the schools the order and have started all the mountains of paperwork I need to do to transfer them.
Both girls are ok with this. Even Endora. She took it like she was expecting this all along. Kids know more than they let on.

So thank you ALL for your good thoughts and energies. *Mwah* and hugs all around.

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