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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

My mojo is messed up

I didn't want this to turn into a knitting blog. I just taught myself last summer and I wanted to show off some of my "Newbie Knits". Now the Knitting Olympics is going on, so I wanted to showcase my progress.
I had bitched extensively about my ex, and I am working to regain custody of my kids, but I really can't and don't want to post all the details here-on a rather public blog.
I have been reduced to posting pics of a kitty in a toilet. (Not my cat, thankyouverymuch). I have a bunch of those types of pics in my photobucket for "I have nothing to say today, but I have to post something so you won't think I've died" days.

I had some great mojo going on here for awhile. What happened? Where did my snark go? I could bash some commercials I've seen lately, but that is getting old. I could rip on the two tv shows I watch, but really-does anyone else care what is happening on ER? Its like watching a trainwreck in slo-mo. You know its going to crash and burn, but I have to see it through to the bitter end. Desperate Housewives? Its camp, true. But again, even other sites that do a much better job of it seem like they are getting bored too. Hubs and I have discovered a new show on Comedy Network-Drawn Together. Its rude, crude, very adult and we have to admit, funny as hell.

Other that that, I have nothing going on. I don't want to be one of those "My blog has reached the end of its usefullness, so I am pulling the plug", only to re-appear 3 days later. I do want to keep it going. When I have my game on, I have a great time here. I just don't have my "A" game right now. Usually when this happens, I redo my skin. But I forgot to put up my Valentines' Day skin, and I really like this one. And besides, I really hate V.D. I do NOT need one day a year where we feel obligated to tell Hubs that I love him. I do NOT need one day a year where he feels like he HAS to send me flowers. And believe me, I am NOT one of those women who say "I don't want anything for Valentines Day." only the be secretly thinking *but if you don't get me anything I am pulling that doghouse back to the front of the garage for you". A thoughtful, romantic gesture is so much more appreciated on a day I am not expecting it. Just on a random day, not associated with Hallmark, or a massacre that happened over 70 years ago.

So, do I whore myself? Do I feed my ego and ask others to give me a topic to snark on, mainly just to see how many people actually read here and would even take the time to comment? Do I just ride this wave, knowing that eventually I will get my mojo back?
Eh. Ok, anyone who has a topic for me to rant on, leave your Karma. I might just need a reminder of my snarkiness.

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