Manic Witch

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I'm just not buying it.

I really don't believe Teri Hatcher uses Nice n Easy.
Felicity Huffman probably doesn't use Dove Body Wash.
And I really have a hard time believing Queen Latifah embraces Maybelline Mascara.

What is it with celebrities whoring drug store products? I guess we are supposed to believe that if Nice n Easy is good enough for Teri (who by the way looks better on the commercial than she does on D.H.), then it is more than good enough for me.
If I had the kind of money any of the celebs have, I am NOT getting my beauty products from Walgreens. Hell, even I splurge the extra $2 to at least get Loreal. And on my meager salary I covet Clinique. And if I find an extra $100 in the sofa cushions (I wish), I would race to the nearest salon for a professional color job.
Really, does Teri have the monthly ritual of "Fuck! How am I gonna get that out of the carpet?" I don't think so.

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