Manic Witch

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I thought *I* was bad...

I was at my parent's house on Sunday and it seems I started something. My BSIL brought some crocheting with her. She hasn't crocheted in about 15 years. While we sat at the kitchen table, my mother decides to resurrect her old knitting project. It was----wait for it----a sweater she started making for me when I was in High School! A sophomore! Count on your fingers, toes and your kittie's toes people. I've been out of high school for over 20 years! At least I'm not that bad.

Thanks for understanding just how big a project a shawl is Veronica. Until now, that put you one step ahead of me. LOL. When I started it I got real cocky. Whee!! Look how fast I am going. I will not only finish in time, but will probably be done before the skaters get screwed by the French judges. HA! I knew each row would get wider, but really didn't have it in my head that as I get closer to the top, the rows would be so fucking wide. Well, live and learn.

On the plus side of my mother digging out her project, I had read on other boards, that when making sleeves, to make them both at the same time. I thought, well I will have to get another pair of needles the same size, cast on one sleeve on one pair, put it down and work on the other pair. D'OH! You cast on one with one ball of yarn, slide it over and then on the same needle, cast on the next sleeve with another ball of yarn. D.U.H! I guess when I get to the point where I would do something with sleeves, I would have figured it out. I smarts like that sometimes.

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