Manic Witch

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

He just doesn't seem to listen for shit!

Why do I fucking bother? I SAID I didn't want anything for Valentines Day. And I am not the type of woman who says "Oh Honey. Please don't get me anything" all the while thinking *but if you DON'T, you are SOOO sleeping on the couch for a week.* No. I meant it. But does he listen? Nooooo. He surprised me with a gift certificate to a local nail salon for a SPA mani/pedi. And I got spoiled fucking rotten. I got a mask wrap on my hands/arms and feet/legs. My limbs are all now baby soft. And they didn't use that barbaric scraper thingy on my feet. These women went above and beyond to pamper me. They gang-banged me and both worked on my hands and feet at the same time. I don't consider that multi-tasking. I just relaxed back in the massage-o-matic chair while I got hand and foot rubs. I felt like a celebrity. Then when I toddled over to the drying table, one held my chair out for me and after I got settled in, she gave me a little shoulder massage. When I was ready to go, they helped put my fake-birkenstocks on so I wouldn't schmutz up my nails. One even helped dig out my car key. If I hadn't already found a Rock Star Parking Space, I would have asked about valet service. Hee.

So thank you Baby, for not listening to me. I had a wonderful time. *cough*My-birthday-is-coming-up*cough*

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