Manic Witch

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Stop the train! I wanna get off.

Hey Chicago? Enough is enough. Yes, we know 20 years ago this month the Bears won the SuperBowl. I remember. And yes, this year we got close. But we didn't. And I am just as disappointed as everyone else here. But all I've seen on the news for the past 2 weeks is a memorial to the glory of days gone by. Its time to pull this train into the station. AND to top it off, this month is also the 20 year anniversary of the Challenger disaster. But that only got a 20 second sound bite. Where are our priorities here? 7 people died in a horrific way, but a whole roster of men have been jamming to the SuperBowl Shuffle for half my life. Lets build a bridge people and get over it.

But in true Chicago sports fan tradition-wait 'til next year.

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