Manic Witch

Saturday, January 21, 2006


I could bitch about the 12" of snow we got last night. But since I haven't done a review of "hits" in a while, and really don't have much to say right now, here goes:

is angelina a name of a witch....You betcha. So is "Kathy", "Lisa", "Sue", "Janet"....
spell to bring back my mothers spirit....So she can continue to nag you from the afterlife?
chest congestion in large dogs....Chicken soup
real witch spell shops in opposed to fake witch shops?
Birthday Spankings from opposed to regular spankings?
photos for women picking their wedgies from their butts in public....Gods, I hope it wasn't me
tell me about the witch who died....which witch?
unexpected beaver shots....Ya gotta stalk them like paperazzi. Those little guys are fast.
Geena Davis bush supporter....I have them too. They are called "underwear".
kirsty alley hair....I do love her hair.
auntie spankings....I prefer "teacher spankings".

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