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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated...

I just haven't had much to say lately. Christmas was pretty much 24 hours I will never get back again, New Years was nice and quiet. Hubs and I went to see Narnia, which was a FABBO movie. Yesterday was my mommy's BIG birthday and we are getting slammed at work. Things are moving quickly now with my custody case-but I still need positive energies sent my way. Especially this week.

Doc turned me on to a major snark goddess. Laurie Notaro is right up there with Joelle, Whitters and Girl. I am always tempted to pull on a pair of Depends when I am reading her books. Seriously, check her out.

I have a question of my fellow long haired do you sleep without strangling yourself? My hair is finally more than half-way down my back. But its so fine (So fine, so fine-uh huh), and thin that it constantly wraps itself around my neck. I can't do the ponytail thing because I sometimes sleep on my back and can't deal with the "bump".

OH, Sabrina? You asked about "The Christmas Cunt"? Yeah, Sis's husband is a major prick. Its not just my opinion. He is not allowed anywhere near my family, so she ends up spending the holidays with us and he is left home. On christmas morning she tells us that she is going to spend the day with her husband, but leaves her kid with us so she can collect her loot. I can understand wanting to spend the holiday with her husband, but maybe she should have made it a "family" thing and kept her kid with her. (BTW-she didn't say that the kid was with us to get her goodies, but we all knew why she was there). Anyway, we could all understand and accept her reasons for not spending Christmas morning with us. The part which earns her the distinction of being The Christmas Cunt is that she wrote a letter, which she made my niece read to the family. She wrote that she and her husband will be married 10 years and we have still not accepted him and she refuses to spend time with us until we embrace him with open arms and warm fuzzies. **my spin on that**. Not only is she trying to blackmail the family, but she had my niece read that in front of my kids. On christmas! Tidings of comfort and joy.

I just caught the commercial "Its Raining Men" for Jenny Craig with Kirsty Alley. I LOVE that song and want to send out mondo props to Kirsty. She lost over 50 pounds! Rock on wit cha bad self sistah! I am guessing she had personal trainers and logged a bunch of hours working out, but dayam! She looks awesome. Now I want to get my fat ass in gear and get back on track.

Hubs found this last week. I almost won just now. I was on the final question. Not bad for someone who sucks at Star Wars trivia. How about you? Go ahead and play, but let me know how you scored.

Ok, thats it. I think I made up for some lost time here.

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