Manic Witch

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Motivation sucks....

AND I think I've pissed off Hubs.

I got up *late* for me-7:30. Yeah, that's considered "sleeping in" now. Getting older sucks too. Since I haven't walked in over a week and have only lost 2 pounds since the beginning of the month AND it was 45 degrees here, I walked. Then I did my upper body work out with my hand weights. Thats not the part that will piss off Hubs. This is:

I cleaned our love chamber. I noticed that my jewelry armoire was really dusty, and all this shit snowballed from there. I dusted. Then I noticed the carpet need to be vacuumed. Then I noticed the laundry room floor was nasty. So I swept and mopped. Then I noticed that the living room needs cleaning, so that is my next project.

Hubs gets mad at me when I do all this cleaning when he is not around to help. You hear that ladies? Hubs gets mad when he's not here to help me. And NO, I STILL won't share. He's mine, all MINE! Mwahahahahaha!!!

**Update-Living room --done. Entryway--done. I did the john Wednesday. Now I'm off to deal with my white-trash roots and then I think I've earned myself some knit time. I just can't face the kitchen-cleaning today. Damn! So close, yet so far.**

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