Manic Witch

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Kids? Cover your ears...


My van crapped out on me. I go to leave work Tuesday evening and the damn thing won't start. I call Hubs to get me and after looking at it we pronounce it comatose. We had a friend of his look at it last night and diagnosed it with a diseased fuel pump. So now we have to get the damn thing to a shop and I have to perform sexual favors to get the pump replaced. Ok, maybe not seriously, but do you have any idea how much that fucker will cost? Shit! Doc gave me a ride home today and will do it again tomorrow. Thank Gods I don't have to pick up the girls this weekend. This really is a pain in the ass though. I have no plans to go anywhere tonight or tomorrow, but now, knowing that I CAN'T go anywhere bites. I think its a psychological thing. The upside (if there is one), is that Hubs and I get to spend a few more minutes together in the morning while he drives me to work.

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