Manic Witch

Saturday, January 28, 2006

How do you know when you've satisfied a redhead?

She unties you.


Ok, I am now a redhead again instead of "some faded color not found in nature and with black and grey roots-head". Everytime I rinse that shit out of my hair, I always flash onto the shower scene in Psycho. Maybe its all the dye swirling around the drain that does it.

I just now finished watching Practical Magic. From what I've read on my pagan blogroll, it seems to be a standard favorite. I sooo want their BOS and their house. And Nicole's hair. Not the washed out, bleached out hair she has now, but what she had in that movie. I've been doing the "red" for a long time now and just before I met Hubs, when I would tell guys who answered my personals ad-who were ALL excited over the red hair idea, "You know Nicole Kidman?" "yeah??" "Yeah, I look nothing like her." Damn! She had awesome hair then.

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