Manic Witch

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Gimme a head with hair, long beautiful hair.

Here baby, there mama, everywhere oh daddy, daddy, Haaaaiirrr.

Thanks for all the tips for dealing with the night-time strangler. I actually tried the braid thing before. I just have to remember to do it every night.

Now, many of you know that I had a hysterectomy 10 years ago. NO MORE PERIODS! Neener, neener, neener. The downside is that I just stopped taking the hormone replacements. Since I smoke, all the bad stuff that could happen from that stuff is just compounded, so I weaned off over a year. Now I get to deal with all the fun stuff that comes with flashes (my own personal summers), mood swings (but the meds I'm on for my bi-polarness helps with that) and the mixed blessing of slower hair growth. I only have to shave my legs every week to week and a half. Other areas have slow re-growth and the unibrow is very easy to maintain. Seriously, have you ever heard your granny complain about having to shave? Thats because for some reason the leg hair turns into chin hair. (I am keeping a very close eye on that). The bummer is that the hair on my head is thinning in a very big way. I'm only weeks away from tinting it blue to set off my pink scalp. And the ends are so fried that I need a hair cut in the worst way. I'm probably looking at losing 1-2 inches. With it growing so slowly now, who knows how long it will take to re-coup that.

Hubs and I are starting to do our taxes. We are expecting a refund so of course we are getting right on it. We always run them both ways-jointly and married filing separately, just to see which gets us a bigger refund.

Hubs: Here's the receipt for the "Boobiethon" donation. Who gets the deduction?
Me: Um, since they were for MY boobies, I think I should get the write off.

The latest C-i-a-l-i-s commercial is now warning men that it is not for multiple attempts and may lead to a loss of vision. Lets attack that one at a time, shall we? So if at first you don't succeed you CAN'T try again? Or does that mean that you are only a one shot wonder? I thought it was pimped as the "weekender pill." Or is this because it can lead to a four hour boner and you shouldn't try to pull that off more than once? Two-men have been warned since they were little boys that if they played with it they would go blind. Now they have medical proof. But in the heat of things, do guys really care? Afterwards it may be a problem, but lets face it, as long as there is some action going on, vision is really the least of their concerns at that moment.

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