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Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Last year I began a "5 in '05" weight loss program. It lasted about 6 months, but I slacked off on the walking. I had an asthma attack from walking in the humidity so walking in the summer was out. So I lost the momentum and once it got nice again, I just didn't motivate myself to get started again. I am getting back on track now thanks to Hubs.

Boo....I had a bunch of weight to lose last year.
Yay....I lost 30 pounds!!
Boo....I fell off the wagon.
Yay....I only gained back 5 pounds and that was over the holidays.
Boo....I also gained back about 2 inches overall.
Yay....It was only a 5 pound, 2 inch setback.
Boo....The realization that I will have to maintain this lifestyle for the rest of my life if I don't want to keep backsliding.
Yay....I really don't mind walking that much.
Boo....I also have to do some strength training to take care of the "batwings".
Yay....I have my mp3 player to jam to while walking.
Boo....I am really out of the habit of getting up so early in the morning.
Yay....When I get back in the swing of things, I will have more energy, go down a few clothes sizes and feel much better about myself.
Boo....I was pretty damn close to a "milestone" weight that I never wanted to see, ever again.
Yay....When I walked again for the first time in over 6 months, I was able to walk the same amount as I did when I left off.

So the "Boos" and "Yays" balance each other out. And really, I was reaching on some of the "Boos".

**Edited...No one noticed it? I didn't until just now. "I was reaching on some of the "Boos" (booze)." Get it? Sheesh.**

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