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Monday, January 02, 2006

April Fool!!

You really fell for it didn't you? C'mon, you had to know that most of those are fake. Give up coffee? Are you insane? People are alive today as a result of copious amounts of caffeine imbibed by me. Pearls and hose? Only if that is ALL I wear and then believe me, I am NOT cleaning house. And stop cussing? Are you out of your fucking mind? Then I wouldn't be a snark mistress any more.

I just got tagged by Teyla. Go over there if you have a chance. She's a rockin' Knit Witch with lots to say.

New Year Fiber Meme

What new knitting techniques did you learn this year?
** to? I just picked up sticks in July and am still dealing with learning the very basic stitches. I haven't even had a chance to make something that requires shaping.**

Which completed project from the last 12 months are you most proud of?
**I guess it would be either the scarf I made for my cunty sister, since it used a fuzzy type yarn so it was harder to see the stitches, or the blankie I made for my niece since it was my very first project.**

What was your biggest knitting disaster of the last year?
**Fortunately I was too new last year to really have any disaster. But now I have 12 whole months to accomplish that.**

Who or what has been the biggest influence on your knitting in 2005?
**I gotta give props to Isis and Ari. They are really the reason I started. Isis seems to have so much fun with this, and Ari can usually answer most questions I have.**

What knit craze grabbed you this year?

Finally, some New Year's resolutions.
**To finally make something for myself. And learn all the other required stitches so I can stop making shitty scarves and blankies.**

I am working on a "Magic Scarf" for Endora. Its one of those that look like a long tube-y scarf, but you can stretch it and make a neck warmer or even a poncho-ish thingy. Unfortunately, its not very stretchy. I think I used the wrong yarn for it. It won't scrunch up, so Endora is going to have a very wide, tubular (totally) scarf when I finish it. (Pic to follow).

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