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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Talk about flying the "Friendly" skies...

Hubs told me that a friend of ours went to a "Surprise Party" the other night. The consultant informed the ladies that when they fly to be sure to keep their "B.O.B.s" (battery-operated-boyfriend) in their carry on bag, but to take the batteries out. Apparently these things could be mistaken by sexually-repressed airport security to look like weapons...bullets, guns...go figure. Our friend asked why you couldn't just put the stuff in your checked bags...

Consultant: "Oh no. They need to go in your carry on."
Friend: "Just how long IS this flight?"

On a side note...would that count towards the "Mile-High Club" if you "fly solo"?

On still another note...Hubs and I went shopping for our game-day feast and he picked up a couple of tins of smoked oysters. (Bleagh, EW, Ick!!). I looked in the tin and told him...

Me: "You know those are just canned boogers."
Hubs: "Yeah, but they're SMOKED canned boogers."

We are a classy couple.

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