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Friday, December 23, 2005

Meandering musings

Hubs got his birthday spankings last night. Hee. But I guess I lost count because he is NOT 72 years old and he certainly doesn't need "one to grow on."

On a totally unrelated note, what is it with guys fantasies of the "Catholic School Girl?" I WAS a catholic school girl and I never dressed up in a plaid miniskirt with thigh high stockings and wearing pig tails. Does this mean guys are closet pedophiles? I think I am missing something here. Believe me, this is not something WE do. We prefer the candle-light, wine and soft music setting. (With the whips and chains thrown in, of course).

My Doc is the bestest. She gave me this for Yule. No Sabrina, I did NOT knit this. You are giving me WAAAAAAYYY too much credit. Trust me.

Bears blanket
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And remember? I work in the health care field. So vendors and other doctors give us this stuff....

The motherload
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Very healthful. But yay for chocolates. The green box on the upper left is a box of home-made fudge a patient brings in for us every now and then. There were other goodies that were already eaten. I never considered bringing in yummies for my doctors before I started this career. And seeing how much stuff offices get, I'm kind of glad. At my last office we got so much stuff that even with everything the staff took home, there was still a shitload left. So we put some away for the "February blues".

As of this past Wednesday, we are officially ready for Christmas. ALL the shopping is done and gifts are wrapped. The decorations/tree have been up for a couple of weeks now, and all we have to do is relax. Usually we are up till 11:00 on Christmas Eve trying to get our shit together for the next day. Hold me. I'm scared.

Hubs was being mean to me this morning. And this was after his birthday. I guess since he already got his gift he figured he was safe. Do you want to know what he did? He threatened to "domesticate" me. Can you believe that? He wants me to ir...iro....damn! Iron! That hurts to even type that. He irons his shirts every morning and was joking that since I get up waaay to early on my days off that I could ir...iro...iron *ow, ow* his shirts for him. He knows that I do that for shit and he is just better off doing it himself. But to say something like that? That was just mean. Me? Domesticated? Never! I may grow older, but I refuse to grow up.

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