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Saturday, December 31, 2005

I wish I may, I wish I might....

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I am not doing a "Year in review" here. Mainly because I just don't have time to re-read all my archives, but also I don't think I want to see just how lame my life really is. And I am not asking what everyone has planned for their New Years resolutions. I hate making those. If I am going to make any changes in my life, I will do it whenever the time seems right. What I want to know is this-what do you wish for or hope for in the new calendar year? Is there something you want to accomplish? Is there something that you have been or will be working on that you hope to have resolved in 2006? Everytime I wish someone I know a "Happy New Year", most of them say "I hope it will be better than THIS year".

I'll go first. In 2005 I joined a group called "Five in '05". The premise was to lose 5 pounds a month in '05. I did GREAT until July. I lost 30 pounds, but slacked off the second half of the year. I only gained 5 pounds back, so thats not too bad-and that was only in the last 2 months. I plan on getting back in the swing of things after all the holiday mayhem. The biggest help for that is to start walking again. AND drinking lots of water. This is not a "resolution", just a goal I have for myself.
The other thing I want to do is re-gain custody of my children. I began the process a few weeks ago and while things are moving a little slow right now because of the holidays, I expect it to pick up speed soon. Broomhilda scryed for me and sees a positive outcome. I have a spell to work today to help things along. Of course, any energies or suggestions would be welcome too.

Ok, your turn...what do you want for 2006?

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