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Sunday, December 11, 2005

I have a new stalker...I mean fan.

Thanks to Lorelie, I have a new fan and something to post today. (Thanks for the shout out toots. I hope I can live up to the high praise).

5 Weird things about me:

1. It's a repeat, but it's still my claim to fame...I eat Campbells chicken noodle soup with peanut butter sandwiches dipped in it. And yeah, it kind of grosses Hubs out.

2. I hate scrambled eggs with such a passion...when Endora was born, it was the middle of the night and the bitchy nurses couldn't even find a pack of stale crackers for me. You tend to be starving after giving birth. All that hard work, not being able to eat (or wanting to ) after labor begins..go figure. So I had to wait until breakfast to eat. Not only do I end up with scrambled eggs, but they were the undercooked-snotty-looking ones. I went hungry until I could get my family to do a food run for me. BUT if you add cheese, sausage, bacon, onion, peppers, mushrooms to it and tell me its an omelet? I am all over that. And looking for seconds.

3. I'm a "switch hitter". Ok, I mean I'm somewhat ambidextrous. I can't write with both hands-which is how I always took that word to mean-but I only eat, write, and bat left handed. EVERYTHING else is righty. I use the mouse with my right hand. I use right handed scissors. I throw a ball with my right hand. Bowling? Yep, righty tighty.

4. I tend to get overly anal about cleaning and organizing, but only when the mood strikes me. I don't clean the house tooo regularly-its not like we live in squalor, but I don't vacuum or dust as often as I probably should. We do keep it clutter free though. People can still drop by and not be embarrassed for me. Once I get my panties in a wad over wanting to clean though, look out. I am the Dust rag Bitch! And it better stay clean for at least a week. After that, I lose all motivation to keep it up.

5. I absolutely hate making left turns and I can't stand going somewhere new when I am not positive of the EXACT directions. The left turn thing? Ok, if there is a light or stop sign, thats ok. But if I have to pull across traffic, I will go around the block to make a left at a light or I do the "3 rights make a left" thing. And the directions issue? If I am coming to your house and on the corner there is a house with a "Big Mouth Bass" mailbox, tell me about that. Or the yard with 50 cats. Anything to help me find my way.

*6* (The bonus one)...I am such a net junkie that if I have the day off and nothing to do, I will check my email and blog about every 10 minutes. I have finally been tapering down on that though. I have a lot of shit coming up in my life and finally had to downsize some of my responsibilities here. I actually did own a local Freecycle group. And that took up a big chunk of my time by having to approve new members, approve moderated messages and still read each and every post to make sure the unmoderated members were behaving. Add to that the Yahoo group for the moderators for my state and reading all the posts there AND the yahoo group for ALLLLL the Freecycle moderators, and you can imagine just how much time I was really spending here. Now that I have resigned as owner of the group I don't have to be on the other boards and I can sit back and focus on the other crisis.

On that last note, I am looking for all the healing energies you can spare. I can't be specific about anything at this point, but I really need all the support my peeps can offer.

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