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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Dinner AND a show

Hubs took me and Percy to our local Chinese buffet for dinner tonight. I loves me some really greasy, cheezy chinese buffet food. I am sooo not a gourmand. Dinner was, as always, fantastic-they even had some new stuff this time. But the highlight of the evening was the entertainment provided by a family across the (rather empty) dining room. A young child-maybe 4 years old-apparently did not wish to be held in his loving mothers arms. He yelled out "NO, you SHIT!" Percy starts to laugh a little and I had to ask if I heard what I thought I heard. Percy is cracking up and confirmed that the sweet little cherub did indeed utter the "s" word. (Percy at least had the grace to not laugh his ass off. He turned his head and I thought he was going to hurt himself, but he did try to control himself). We then are treated to the delights of "Cherub" regaling his parents with sweet little utterances like "NO you SHIT! Dammit! You Shit! NO!" Ah! What sweet innocence. It just gave me the warm, fuzzies all over. Hubs comes back to the table to find me with tears pouring down my cheeks from laughing so hard-but trying not to and Percy's face was all red. Hubs was equally enchanted by the charms of "Cherub." The ironic thing is that at the table behind us, a mother had three small kids determined to make the biggest pile of food on the floor under their table. I just know she was thinking "At least my kids don't have potty mouths." And "Cherubs" mother was probably thinking that at least her kid doesn't throw food all over.

Oh yeah, and my fortune? "Avoid compulsively making things worse" Spooky. Its like they KNOW me. Hell, I even have that tatooed across my ass. Words to live by people, words to live by.

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