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Monday, November 07, 2005

A witches work is never done...

Busy weekend at the Witch household. We finally got SIL's shit out of our garage-that we've been storing for almost 3 1/2 years! Hubs finally has room to work and spread out all his toys. Hubs is a happy witch. I power cleaned our bedroom. Under the dressers, under the bed, deep into the corners of the closet, emptied "junk drawers"...3 garbage bags of crap, along with a pile of stuff to Freecycle. I started this as my fall cleaning project, but from the looks of my last post, I think I need to clean the house for a "Sip and Stitch" party. So far Isis, Ari, Andie and Queen are interested. I can get a few bottles of White Zin. Any other suggestions? Oh-and you ladies will need to bring a dish to pass. Now I have an incentive to get the house cleaned up quickly. Hee-I loves me a good party.

And of course while we were busting our humps to get the house cleaned, I come in the living room to check on the game (BEARS WIN! BOO YAH!), and what do I find??

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At least the little shit wasn't into my MGD.

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