Manic Witch

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

So many skins, so little time.

I had to change the look again. Sabrina says the crap on the right ran "over" and she couldn't see most of it I had the same problem at work. It looks great at home, but not at work. So, instead of losing a few fans, I decided to put up a new template. In fact this one came from a site she suggested. I couldn't find another Xmas skin I liked, and I just can't bring myself to put up my "winter" skin yet. I really like this one. I can certainly relate to "her".

I need to know something...I thought I saw today that the catholic church is no longer allowed to discriminate against gay priests. If these guys are supposed to take a vow of chastity ANYWAY, what difference does it make if they are gay or not? And if they are indeed chaste, how would they even know?

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