Manic Witch

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I can read between the lines...

Tell me you arent thinking this when you see the TGIFridays Jack Daniels grill ad...

(Lets call the characters "Bob" and "Sue". They look like a Bob and Sue.)

Bob is sitting at bar, tossing down a few with his friends. He hears a cackly laugh, turns to look and sees its his wife. Sue notices husband coming over, leans over to friend and whispers something. Maybe, "Shit, its my husband. Jill-get your hand off my thigh."
"Jack"::Honey? What are you doing here? Bitch! Are you checking up on me?
"Sue"::Jill called. She wanted a little sumpin sumpin, but I made her buy me dinner first.
"Jack"::Where are the kids? Thats just like you. Abandoning the kids the first chance you get.
"Sue"::They're with my mom. I had to get out of that prison of a house. I sure as hell didn't think YOU'D be here. Damn!
"Jack"::Your MOTHER?! She drinks dammit! And did you forget about that incident with the paperboy?
Jack and Sue notice kids across restaurant having a nosh. And we then launch into the whole Jack Daniels Grill whoring.

Maybe the family would be better served actually having dinner together. Or am I reading too much into this?

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