Manic Witch

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

And to think Doc PAYS me to do this...

Once a month I have to call insurance companies to find out why they aren't paying on outstanding claims. Most of the time its just boring shit, but once in a while these people really make my day. Picture these people sitting in their cube farm with the "Capital One" NO signs all over.

Me: I'm calling to check the status of claim 123 for John Doe from 7/19/05.
Asshole: We show a claim for $430 which we settled for xxx on 7/25/05.
Me: Well, it was for $560. It looks like you split the claim into $430 and $130. What is going on with the rest of the claim.
Asshole: We cant settle on that anymore because it wasn't filed in a "timely manner."
Me: Wait, you settled on $430 of a $560 claim that you received as one claim, but $130 wasnt received on time? From the very same claim? That YOU split? Do you see the entire claim there? For $560?
Asshole: Yes.
Me: Put down the script and think about what is wrong with this whole conversation.
Asshole: Um. Um. *rustling papers* Oh. I get it. Ok, we'll resubmit the claim.
Me: *wanting desperately to pour a shot* Thank you for all your help. *fuckstick*

I love catching these people with their pants down like that.

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