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Saturday, October 29, 2005

I've been tagged by SnarkWife...

I have to list 5 things you may not know about me, that aren't already in my "100 things" (buried somewhere in the deep, dark recesses of my archives-I think Aug, 2003) and then tag 5 others.

1. When I have Campbell's Chicken Noodle soup (and it MUST be Campbells) I have to have it with a peanut butter sandwich-that I dunk in the soup. I learned this disgusting habit when I had braces. For some reason they served the two together for lunches in my school, and it was the only way I could eat peanut butter sandwiches at the time.

2. The night Hubs proposed to me, I was supposed to be out having drinks with another guy. J. and I were just friends who met when I took a sign language class. Hubs proposed and we met up with J. at the bar anyway. After a while, Hubs had to go home to put his kids to bed-but he insisted that I stay since J. and I already had plans. So J. and I hung out for a while longer. Then I went home....where I shared an apartment with yet another guy. Who was an ex...whom we later discovered was gay.
Which leads to...

3. I have horrible "Gay-dar". Ok, I knew Ellen and Rosie are gay. And I know the guy who plays "Will" on Will and Grace isn't gay. But that's about it. And yes, I've had crushes on guys who everyone else knew was gay, but I didn't.

4. I have an abnormally, highly developed sense of smell. Which is amazing considering I smoke. I can smell things that only the dog would notice. Sometimes it comes in handy, but most of the time it can be pretty disgusting.

5. Most icky, gory medical stuff doesn't bother me. I can see innards coming out of someones gut...I've assisted on some shit so nasty I cant even bring myself to blog about it...but I cannot assist on anything where toes are involved. I helped a doc once with removing ingrown toenails and I got so nauseated I had to leave the room and find another nurse. That may be because of the problems I had with ingrowns.

Ok, tag...
Psychedelic Armadillo
Girl Chronicles

You're it.

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