Manic Witch

Sunday, October 23, 2005

I need to get out more...

You know whats a lost art? Doily making. Seriously. Did anyone's grandmother NOT have her entire house upholstered in doilies? On the back of each sofa cushion, chair, arms of chairs and sofas, end tables and dressers? And heaven help the bride to be who didn't have at least a dozen stored up in her hope chest. We're pretty sure it was a law back then. And Hubs and I are guessing it was repealed sometime in the '60's. Knitting and crochet has been making a come-back, but I haven't seen anyone crocheting doilies. They may be hiding in with the stamp collectors.

On another note-my niece is beautiful-in spite of really looking like my brother. There may be hope for her though. My SIL isn't hard to look at.
Baby's pic and the blankie are on my Flickr. The "Rainbow Snowflake" afghan is waaay prettier in real life. I didn't make it-but WOW! It is gorgeous. Check it out.

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