Manic Witch

Thursday, September 22, 2005

We just picked up the Star Wars Trivial Pursuit last night and something became painfully obvious...Hubs knows waaay too much about this saga. Halfway through the game, he was already well on his way to stomping us in the ground by knowing shit like "Who was Luke's 3rd cousins' daughter's hair stylist's boyfriend?"

Me: How in the hell do you know that shit?
Hubs: I've seen the movies a few times.
Me: A few hundred maybe? When do you watch them all the time like that?
Hubs: Oh, you know, when you are out with your friends or at your family. I dunno. Just whenever I have some time at home.
Me: Yanno...most men watch porn when they are home alone.
Hubs: Are you saying that you want me to watch porn when you AREN'T around?
Me: Wellllll. (as I am losing this game in a big way) Yes. Then maybe I would have a fair chance.

Ok, Hubs could watch porn 10 hours a day and I still wouldn't know most of the trivia shit. But it sounded good. Didn't it?

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