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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Hubs and I were talking this morning...yeah, we do that too-besides all the rockin' sex. And Hubs is the smartest person I know. With all the critism and backlash Bush is taking on the whole Katrina issue, we did some Monday Morning Quarterbacking. Let me make this perfectly clear first...I am NOT a Bush supporter. I think he is an ass and well on his way to erradicating womens rights as quickly as he can among other things. But for his response to Katrina? What could he have done? Seriously, what is it you expected him to do?

1. Divert the storm? Nice wish. It was inevitable. Its not like 9/11 where he knew about it and had some control over the situation. This is a natural disaster and Mother Nature can be a cruel bitch.

2. Evacuate the area before it hit? People were warned way in advance of the situation. They still refuse to leave even now. Unless martial law is declared and the KGB comes in, you cannot force these people to leave. (Not yet). BUT on that same note, I do believe they SHOULD be. Instead of focusing on recovery and clean up efforts, the Red Cross now needs to take care of your ass.

3. Pump out and rebuild the area? They are working on it, but pumps only work so fast. Bush cant make them pump faster.

4. While I applaud Bush for stepping up and accepting responsibility for federal government inaction, why are N.O. officials not taking some of the blame? Local government has responsibility to its citizens as well. Instead of blasting Bush for not forcing evacuation efforts, why do I not see people firing on N.O. officials for not doing so as well?

I am playing devil's advocate here. Seriously, what was really expected of Bush?

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