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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Hubs and I watched the premiere of Commander in Chief last night, and the show caused mixed feelings in me to surface. As far as casting, I think they did a great job. Geena Davis is a strong woman and is exactly how I picture our first woman president. And this is shallow, but she is pretty too (but she does need to tone down the lips. Either that or give them their own billing in the opening credits). I mean, who would you rather see up there? Geena or Janet Reno? Its not a coin toss here.
I also love Donald Sutherland and while we didn't see much of him last night, I am hoping we see more of him. (But I still cant forgive Kiefer for being a grandfather. The fucker is my age and I am farrrrr to young to be a granny!)

The mixed feelings? I would love to see a woman president in my lifetime. NOT just because I am a woman (although that does come in to play a little), but because a woman is just a capable as a man in this job. Actually, probably more so. Can you imagine Geena in N.O. this month? I would believe she would have been there sooner and I would believe her compassion and support much better than I believe Bush's canned response to the tragedy. But did the show have to be that she was VP basically as a publicity stunt? A way to get women voters? (Oh yeah, Geraldine Ferraro. Almost forgot about that shit). And I loved her line-"There's always the once a month 'will she or won't she push the red button'". That was great! She acknowledged the general feeling of dicks men towards women in power. The poor ego is threatened. Why cant men admit that you don't need a penis to hold a position of power?
BUT the whole scene with the ditz calling Geenas husband "First Lady" all the time and nearly demanding the "First Lady's" quarters be kept pink.? Hated it. Way to help break the sterotyping here. Yes, the producers can imagine a woman in power, but apparently the man behind her must be shown as a pussy. Nice.
Next week it looks like men will go out of their way to sabatage her. Like we didn't see THAT coming.
What bothered me about the whole premise? Its still a fantasy, make believe, something only shown as a TV show. I'm almost 40 years old and I still don't think I will see a "Madam President" in my lifetime.

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