Manic Witch

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Do you see what I see?

Gas prices are "down." I got excited to see a gas station selling gas for $2.97 a gallon! Do you realize what is going on? Gas companies are trying to see what our tolerance level is. Two weeks ago I was pissed to pay $2.84 a gallon. Then Katrina hit and gas soared up to $3.25 here. Shock! Panic! Chaos! NOW its "down" to $2.97. People breathe a sigh of relief. WTF!!! Its still 13 cents higher than it was 2 weeks ago. Are people not getting it? These assholes have found our tolerance level. We screamed when gas went up well over 3 bucks a gallon, but are happy when we pay just under 3 dollars. So the gas companies are still making more money. They get a nice increase that the public will accept instead of just raising them slowly. Shock and panic the public instead. And yes, I blame some of this on Katrina but I really blame most of it on Bush.

Oh yeah, better stock up on your groceries-and fast. Between the obscene prices at the pump, and the drought we are having, the prices at the stores are going to skyrocket. We finally bought a chest freezer so we can start buying in bulk. Of course this is something that we've needed for a while now. At any given time we could have all 4 kids and we burn through what should be a weeks worth of food in about 2 days. We buy bread in bulk during that time and it either sits on the counter, or we put a couple of loaves in the freezer, but nothing else fits. And I just saw chicken thighs for 79 cents/pound. I bought a few extra packages, but at that price, I could've really stocked up if only I had somewhere to put it all. And those gallon buckets of ice cream? Yup. Now we can finally get those. We are ok with generic ice cream. Usually.

This has been your weekly PSA.

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