Manic Witch

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

This little piggy went to...the doctor

I *finally* went to the podiatrist to get my ingrown toenails taken care of. Queen knows how bad they were every time we went for our pedis. I am such a baby when it comes to foot/toenail pain. I can give blood with no problem. Shots? Pffft, bring em on. After I had major abdominal surgery I was out of the hospital after 2 days instead of staying 4 like my doctor originally planned. But my toes? Uh uh. I was in tears when he numbed them and the lidocaine didn't take on the one toe initially. I let him know about that. So after a rather quick procedure (I will spare the details. Mainly not to gross you out, but also because I refused to watch. And I will watch some pretty gruesome procedures), I went to work. And for someone who is supposed to be off her feet for 2 days, I had a fairly full schedule. Figures. The good news is that he has me on Extra Strength vicodin. He is my new best friend. I now sit at the computer with my feet wrapped in ice packs. I will sleep on the couch tonight so I can elevate my feet and so I don't accidentally turn onto my tummy in my sleep. But in spite of the pain now, I know it will be so much better after they heal. They were at the point that, well, ya know when you stub your toe you get a little queasy feeling in your stomach? Yeah, I lived with that all the time. And of course painful toes seem to be a magnet for dog feet/claws, kids who get too close for hugs, computer desks...And this doc is so nice. He gave his home phone number if I have any questions or problems. AND if the dressing is too tight, I'm not supposed to remove it, he will come TO MY HOUSE to loosen them. Amazing. In this day and age too. But I guess no one really abuses that privlege with a podiatrist. I go Thursday for him to change the dressings, then I will be able to do it myself daily after that. What was nice to learn is that this was primarily caused by genetics. The way the nails curved naturally, it was pretty much inevitable. The bad news is that this may be the end of my pedis. I am a sad lil witch. I lurves me pedis. But I guess that is a small price to pay for being pain free.

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