Manic Witch

Friday, August 26, 2005

I think I finally figured it out

Now I know why I've been having the blahs. I hate this time of year, only because I notice the days getting shorter. I don't mind after Labor Day, but in August? It should still be light from before I get up until almost my bedtime. I am so bummed out getting up at 5:30 and its still dark-ish out. I'm a Witch, not a vampire dammit. I need my sunlight.

On a happier note, my toes are doing much better. I was in horrible, agonizing pain from the day of the procedure until my follow up appointment yesterday morning. The doc was really upset with me for not calling him about it. Hey-I worked for some real asshats who would get furious if a call came in from a patient after hours. No way was I going to risk it by calling this guy. I guess this goes to show there are doctors out there for their patients and not just their wallets.
Ok, turns out my dressings were waaaay too tight. We did expect some swelling, but there was more drainage than expected and the dressings expanded more than we thought they would. I was told that I could snip the dressings a little to relieve pressure, but not to remove them. So that is what I did. Apparently not enough though. But since he removed the old ones and showed me how to put new ones on, my toes are a little happier. I'm still not quite ready to go two-steppin' with Hubs yet, but *whew* what a relief.

Natalie? If done right, a pedi is W.O.N.D.E.R.F.U.L. You get a nice foot massage while they work on making your feet and toes all pretty. Afterwards, your feet are all baby soft. I used to get manis too, but since they only last me 2-3 days because of all the handwashing I do at work, I really don't bother with that anymore. I never had a facial, though I want one really badly. And massages? Heaven on earth. Mmmmm. Just ask the Queen.

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