Manic Witch

Sunday, August 28, 2005

I am woman! Hear me roar!

7:20-wake up, make coffee, check email, realize how much I have to do today, blog and bitch about it. Begin fixing unibrow so I don't look like a Russian peasant woman.


8:30-make bed, put away laundry, begin dying hair, realize bathroom is gross and since I am stuck in there for at least 1/2 hour, start cleaning it.


Realize that after I've just cleaned toilet, we have a Rainbow vacuum which collects the crap in water which we dump down the toilet-so I will have to clean it. Again.


Color hair, spend 10 minutes trying to rinse the super, high-octane conditioner out of hair after so it doesnt feel slimey, attempt to shave legs without falling in the tub because I have to balance my foot ever so carefully so I don't hurt my toes.


Do dishes, take out recycling, go shopping with Hubs, come home, soak feet in antiseptic, paint nails. Realize that I forgot to vacuum and now have to sit very still till the polish dries so I don't get aforementioned dog hair in the wet polish.


Look in mirror and realize that I need much better lighting for eyebrow chore. Decide the best place to do it is outside, in natural daylight. Wonder if its worth risking having neighbors think I'm weird. Realize that I don't care.

*lather, rinse, repeat*

Post on local Freecycle group asking for knitting stuff and finding a local knitting group.
Wanting to go over to the Girl, share a drink and bitch about the shit we have to go through?


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