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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

BIG sigh of relief

Mom is doing GREAT!! She is coming home today.

Friday was horrible. I went up to the hospital (50 miles away) with my brother. I was hoping to get there before she went into surgery-you know, to see her one last time, but Bro didn't want to be at the hospital for an additional 3 hours. Jerk.
Surgery took 4 hours and we were so restless. The hospital was BEAUTIFUL! They put us in a private waiting area. It was a tiny room with a couch, recliner and our own TV. Everyone else (Dad, Bro, Big Bro, BSIL) all thought it was very thoughtful. Me? I knew that it was nice and private, in case the doctor had to deliver bad news. But thats just me. Finally after hours of pacing, cups of coffee and getting a few rows done on my knitting, the surgeon comes in to tell us that everything went well, but the next 24 hours are still considered critical. The relief on Dads face was incredible. And we could go see Mom in about 1/2 hour. One hour later we finally got to go up. The nurse was awesome! (And he was cute too.) Before we got into the room he asked if we had seen anyone post op like that. I told him *I* had. He explained to the rest that there would be lots of tubes and machines, but not to worry. It only looks scary. We go in and he was right-lots of tubes and Mom was on a vent. Now I have taken care of lots of post-CABG (coronary artery bypass graft) patients, but nothing prepares you for seeing your mother like that. NOTHING! The nurse said she was doing well and we would be amazed at the improvement over the next, short 4 hours. He sent us off to dinner instead of waiting another 4 hours. When we came back they were already extubating her. She opened her eyes a few times, said hello to all of us and when we were getting ready to leave, wished us all a safe trip. I went up Saturday morning to see her and was just floored. She was sitting up, watching tv with Dad and just shooting the breeze. You would never know that less than 20 hours earlier she had her chest ripped open, and had her sternum cracked open. They removed more and more tubes while I was there. I only stayed a few hours and came home to take a much needed power nap.
Its just amazing. In just 5 short years since I worked at a hospital, how much has changed. The recovery rate has increased so much with bypass patients. Of course most of that has to do with my mom. She is a tough old broad. And the worlds best patient. Even when she had hip-replacement surgery she did everything she was supposed to. She will be religious about doing what ever it takes during rehab and will be back on her feet in no time.

Thank you, THANK YOU all for your energies and good wishes. You guys are the best.

*Sniiiiffff? Ahhhhh!* Big, BIG sigh of relief.

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