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Saturday, July 23, 2005

You people disappoint me...

No one caught the Cheech and Chong reference to my post about my vacation? Sheeesh. I expected better from some of you.

Ok, here are the answers to your burning questions:


1. My middle name is Ann. I was named for my grandmother and as a kid I thought it was so plain that I did the Anne Shirley thing and added an "e" to make it look nicer. Now that Grandma is gone, its a connection to her and I do like my name now. (My sisters middle name however is another story-Lucille).

2. Relax? Whats that? LOL. Ok, obviously surfing the net/blogs is a biggie. I also love to read and just hang out and watch tv/movies with my family. I just taught myself to knit 2 days before we left on vacation and that helped pass the time in the van. I am making a scarf for A. We will see how that goes.

3. Favorite sweet? I can't play favorites...its not fair to the other sweets out there. Frozen Snickers tops the list along with Baskin Robins Peanut Butter n Chocolate ice cream. And lets not forget Krispy Kreme glazed donuts. Yum! I can already feel my glucose rising-must be around 180 by now.


1. I am so completely un-creative in the kitchen. I may "bastardize" a recipe to suit my tastes, but I have never created anything all my own. I did finally learn to make my mom's chicken n dumplings using the crock pot. She cooks hers on the stove, so I guess that was putting a twist on the recipe. Or it was just being lazy.

2. Sabrina is a bad influence on me. I saw she had a blog, I read it and some of the links she had posted and it looked like fun. Ironically, I never kept a journal or diary as a kid. So writing down my personal feelings is still kind of weird for me. I still have fun tweaking all the "toys" on my blog though. Oh, and snarking...ya gotta have snarking.

3. For a vacation with just Hubs? Our honeymoon in Mexico. We want to go back so badly. The resort was awesome and the food-fab!. With family? I would love to go back to Denver and take the kids with this time. The girls have never gotten to see the mountains yet and I know they would love it. The furthest west they have been was when we took them on vacation last week. And of course that vacation is now a favorite.


1. I always felt "different" even when we were in a parochial school. Something just didn't sit well with all the rhetoric the church was teaching me. I read an article in a magazine 7 years ago about Phyllis Curott about witches and something just clicked. "Yes! This is who I am." I went to Borders to see if there was anything out there on it and by fate, the guy who waited on me was wearing a pentacle necklace. He pointed me towards the standard Cunningham, Ravenwolf, Buckland books, but also gave me some great websites to check out. It all grew from there. And even though you and I finally "came out" together, I think I always knew we were kindered spirits. Who knew then just how much so. LOL.

2. I usually just envision the Goddess as a motherly-type, nurturing her children. But it really depends on what I am doing or am in need of. While I was house hunting or if there is some inbalance in our house-Hestia was my deity of choice. Lots of times I would work with Diana for some reason too. But lately-especially with EX-SH giving me troubles, Hectate has been appealed to quite frequently.
I am not necessarily a "Dianic" witch, but most of my focus is on Goddess spirituality. I think it may be because of all the years of a patriarchial religion being pushed on me. I do look to the God for the "big daddy/special ops" protection, but remember, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. The goddesses have all been helpful when the chips are down.

3. I gave a nod to the full moon and did a quicky mental acknowledgement to the Goddess, but didn't do any kind of ritual. Even though the coven has been meeting less and less frequently, there is no reason to not do something on my own. I was a solitaire long before the coven was formed and would still do things on my own for my own personal connection and spirituality. (It would help though-to have my trunk back. Hint, hint).

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