Manic Witch

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream...

Damn it, I can't sleep. Hubs is away on a business trip and I just don't sleep well without him by my side. You think I would be ok with this since I had to learn how to do it when he was overseas after 9/11. Maybe I am still so happy to have him back all these years later, that I don't want to go back to sleeping alone. Fortunately I am off work tomorrow (ok,now its today)and I can sleep in. AND he will be home tomorrow so its all good. And I have my faithful security system on guard.

Thought for the day...why is it patients don't think they have to honor their scheduled appointment times? I have several patients that chronically show up late for their appointments and I always make them reschedule while explaining to them that they have now missed their entire time slot and if the doctor still sees them then the next patient who has shown up on time will be made to wait when they could have been seen at their scheduled time? But let them show up late for work like that and they know they would be out of a job. And other patients seem to think we are a walk in clinic. They show up usually at the end of the day complaining of something that they have had all day. If they would have called we could have gotten them on the schedule. Instead we have to refer them to the "Doc in a box" for treatment. And these are the people who bitch that they cant lose any more time from work. Oh boo hoo. If you are that sick that you need to see the doctor, then you are probably too sick to be at work. Of course, they have most likely already missed their "after 3 days we need a doctors note" thing. We lose money on that, but when we close for the day, we are closed. We're tired and want to go home to our families. Again, these people don't seem to get the idea. And new patients who call at 2:00 to schedule and are told they can be seen either the next day or at most 2-3 days later, get all pissed off and want something sooner. A physical is an hour block of time, especially for a new patient whom we know nothing about. It takes time to get a history and these people are the ones with a laundry list of problems, like uncontrolled diabetes or hypertension. Most offices have physicals scheduled out weeks in advance. Go ahead, call your doctor and see if you can get a full physical scheduled for tomorrow. Most of you probably can't. Now bring in a huge list of medical concerns to cover too. Doc has finally learned to tell them she can either address these problems OR do the physical, but not both. Its way too time consuming and she will end up not giving enough attention to each issue.

*Pant, pant* Deep cleansing breaths, Manic. *hmmmff, ahhhh* Ok, I guess that was more than one thought for the day. I feel much better now. Off to beddy bye for me.

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