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Thursday, June 02, 2005


I realize that I haven't been blogging much, but that is because nothing is really going on around here. My nephew just graduated from Jr. High yesterday and my older "baby" A, will graduate on Tuesday. I know I am going to cry. We have a party planned for G. (nephew), A. and my niece D. for the end of the month. However, it seems that my niece, who was supposed to graduate H.S. wont be. She finished school in January, but needed to do some correspondence courses instead of actually attending the school. My bro agreed to this IF she completed the courses. Well, partying, work, partying, friends, partying, staying out til all hours, partying, etc. etc. got in the way and she wont be graduating as scheduled. HAH! Serves her right. Ok, I was no saint in school, but dammit, I kept my nose to the grindstone and while I was not a top student, I did graduate with my class. The ironic thing is that when she tries, she was pulling down decent grades. And she whined about how she wanted to go away to college and get away from this "hick" town. She was horrified at the thought of going to our local community college for a couple of years. WELL! Even if she gets her GED by the end of summer (how long does that take anyway?) there is no way she is going to get into a university for at least a year since she hasn't even applied to one, and once they see that she was pretty much an A student who fucked up her last semester, they aren't going to be all that eager to enroll her. And she wants to study forensics. A very highly competitive field of study right now. Yeah, good luck with that.
Now we have to wonder if my bro (and bitchy SIL) are still going to let her participate with the party. They personally invited about 20 friends. Yeah, me and Hubs and my other Sis are splitting the cost of the party with bro 3 ways. We are only inviting about 5 people for A, but have to split the cost of 20 people (not including family) 3 ways. That just doesn't seem fair. IMHO, I don't think she deserves to have this party. That means, those 20 shouldn't be coming and Sis and I can just pay for the family and OUR guests ourselves. Even though it will now only be split 2 ways, it will still be cheaper. Besides, now we won't need to get a kegger for my niece. Did I mention that she wanted to turn this nice, family celebration into a kegger party? That was her plan. Nice environment for 2 14 year olds for their party too. But I still have a feeling that Bro and the Bitch are going to go thru with this charade. "Well, she 'intends' to finish." Ok, we'll have a party IF/when she does.

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