Manic Witch

Tuesday, June 07, 2005


This is always good for filler when I really don't have anything to say, but need to laugh...

"bordello house"---No, we just live in a normal house. And why is this in quotes?
repairing inner sil car---Is that like your inner child?
womanhood Ceremony---We had one for A. and she loved it.
manic witch blog---Yes it is. Thanks for asking.
naked eskimos---I still think they would freeze their naughty bits.
middle aged beaver shots---Middle aged???
angelina jolie nipples---An oldie but a goodie.
free witches medidation---And free Willy too!
hope, bob, cancel my reservations---I don't get the commas here, but since he's been dead a year now, yeah, you should probably cancel your reservations.
witch spell for making guys feel like girls---"Man! I feel like a woman."
sims abraca crack---I never noticed my Sims smoking crack.

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