Manic Witch

Friday, June 10, 2005

Let the music play.

Calling all Mp3 users...I will be in the market for an Mp3 player in the next few months and I want peoples opinions on not just the players, but also music download sites. I realize iPod is the shit, but what about others? I went to iTunes to browse the site, what is music to go? And are there cheaper sites that would support iPod? I really don't want to pay a buck for each song I download. Think about it...if iPod can hold 1000 songs or better, then I am paying $1000 for my listening pleasure! Remember, I am a cheapskate. I noticed on Crapster you can get unlimited songs for one set price a month, but what if I don't want to get any for a month or so? Do I have to keep paying each month or can I do it month-by-month?
I am still leaning towards iPod, so if someone else has a better one, you will really have to sell me on it. And the only reason I am leaning that way is probably because of all the hype.

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