Manic Witch

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Kids can surprise you.

Thank you all for your good wishes and healing energies.

When I told the girls, I expected E. to fall apart since she always says she still misses Shadow-our cat that died a year and a half ago. And I expected A. to be stoic about it. Well, E. was pretty understanding-she said it was sad, but she knew it was time-and the most humane thing to do. A. was very upset. One, because we didn't tell her that it was even going to happen, and two-well, because it did happen. She didn't sob openly, just quiet tears and went off to be by herself for a while. E. and I went to my parents that night so my bro could take her fishing first thing Saturday morning, but A. just couldn't bring herself to go there just yet, so she stayed home with Hubs that night. E. talked with my dad a little bit about what a wonderful dog Tanya was and how much they would miss her. Saturday, I had to take A. there as Hubs and I were going to a wedding. She really didn't want to go because she couldn't go there without Tanya being there. I told her it would be best-she would have to go sometime, and she could talk with Papa and Grandma about it. Kind of like a wake. She was pretty sad, noticing the emptyness there, but took it pretty well. She did talk with Papa about some happy times-like what was Papa going to do without his favorite garbage disposal, and what was he going to do with all the corn cobs this summer? (She loved to eat corn cobs. Yeah, she was strange that way). This morning A. is still a little quiet, but it has only been a couple of days. It will take time.

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