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Friday, June 17, 2005

Just water for me, thanks.

We can now add kiwi to my ever growing list of allergies. *sigh* And its not like I am a kiwi-junkie, I just like it, is all. I ate one yesterday morning at work, was really enjoying it since I haven't had one in ages. About 15 minutes after I ate it my throat started feeling funny. Not closing up exactly, just felt like something was kinda stuck in it. And then my lips started to swell and itch, and my tongue got itchy-like it does when I chew cinammon gum. I tell Doc that after I give our baby patient his shots, I need to go to the Doc in a Box across the street. Doc looks at me and agrees. So I give sweet baby his shots (poor thing) and head over. As soon as they see me and hear my symptoms, I get wisked into an exam room, put on a gown and after a doc there talks to me for oh, about 2 minutes I am given some steroids (Prednisone if you must know) and a shot of Benadryl in the ass. OUCH! Now I know how my patients feel. Annnnd an hour later-after I wake up, they decided I was ok to go home. I get home, crash for another few hours and felt much better.

So now my list looks like this:

IV contrast (like for Xrays, CT scans)
Nickel (I have tape over the earpieces of my glasses because the coating wore off and it makes the back of my ears all rashy. Medical tape...with bandaids. It is a catch-22).
and something I ate while on vacation in Germany. Either a bread, meat or cheese. I never figured out what it was. Word to the wise. Never get sick in Germany on Sunday. The entire country closes for the day. Fortunately we were not that far from a military base, so Hubs was able to get me in there to the shoppette for some Benadryl. Now I carry that shit with me where ever I go.

Did I forget anything? Oh yeah, I guess the beer thing was a false alarm. Whew. And eggs, I cant forget eggs. I'm not exactly allergic to them, but if the whites arent fully cooked, I get nasty stomach cramps and feel nauseated. So I have to be careful there. I still need the yolk runny though so I can dunk my toast in it-and I really don't like the mealy texture of dry, over cooked yolk.

I guess thats it. Thats enough huh?

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