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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Busy blogging day

Ok, people have asked, so I am giving up my big weight loss secret. I joined a Yahell group-5 in '05. (I am not including the link because it seems that the group has pretty much died off). The premise of the group was to set a goal of losing 5 pounds a month for the year 2005 (duh). This is a very achievable goal and a safe and healthy one too. It was a great support group in the beginning with all of us cheering each other on. But since it started in January, it went the way of most New Year's resolutions. But I kept with it. I am drinking lots of water now. I am down to one diet cola a day (and sometimes I don't even have that), I have cut waaaaay back on snacks and junk food, and I crave fruit like nobody's business. I have a yogurt and some fruit for breakfast, and a reasonable lunch and dinner. I have been buying the bags of baby carrots for snackies at work and I walk. I walk, walk, walk. When I started I could barely make it around the block. Now I am doing a mile to mile and a half easy. I also bought some hand weights to start working on my "batwings" and have an ab-slide to work on the ultra flabby abs. That seems to be my big problem area right now. I would be down another jeans size, but the belly is still waaaaay too poochy. I think part of that is because I had surgery 3 years ago and never did anything to tighten the abs afterwards. Now the pooch is just above the incision. So, I keep working at it.

Yesterday, I slept in till 8:00. Yep, a lazy day for the Witch. And I really didn't do much of anything productive. I blew off my walk again, but did some work with the weights, ab-slide and even tried *grunt, groan* crunches. Got my ER fix, fucked around on the net, finished the story I was reading, worked on my tan for over an hour (I will burn if I am not careful. But if I take it slowly, I will tan up real nice) and just generally didn't do much of anything. A couple of loads of laundry and ran the dishwasher, but thats about it.

Today was another story though...I got up at 4:45. (the alarm was set for then to take into account a couple of "snoozes" but I had to potty and didn't see the point of trying to sleep for only another 10 minutes). Did my walk, washed some hand-washables, packed a power lunch and included my yogurt and fruit for work...and dragged my sorry, now tired ass to work. Zzzzzz.

More "hits" (these are good)....

pursuit career-marry older----The Anna Nicole Smith Story, on the Hallmark Channel.

pissy witch---No, not right now, but tread lightly. You never know what might set me off.

"really needed a haircut"---Yeah, I kind of do. I haven't had a haircut in over 6 months. I just trim my bangs and it is starting to look like I hit them with a weed wacker.

mourned depressed jobs insomnia---I don't mourn depressed jobs, and they don't give me insomnia. There is plenty of help available for them. Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil...and I'm sure there is probably a 12 step program for them too.

"the net" bullock "her period"---Yes, Sandra Bullock was in The Net. But I don't know anything about her period. We really aren't that close.

oversize penis---No, I don't have one personally.

disorders "oversize penis"---Is this really a disorder? Who is complaining about it? Not any women I know.

how much does it cost to get into angelina jolies panties---Oh, I wish I knew. When I find out, would anyone like to go halfsies with me? Kelly?


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