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Sunday, May 08, 2005

THIS is why I am a Witch

We went to my nieces First Communion yesterday. For those of you who are not Catholic or recovering catholic, its where you receive your first piece of cardboardy tasting bread wafer to eat and vinegary tasting wine to drink-pretending that its the "Body and Blood" of Christ. (Symbolic cannibalism much?). We just marvelled at how much christianity has taken from Paganism. Hmmm-incense, candles, offerings, altar, BOS (whoops, bible), holy water....Yeah-they're *not* original. When the priest was coming around sprinkling the unwashed masses with holy water, our first thought was "IT BURNS! IT BURNS!" Ok, we were polite enough to not say it, but we did think it. And even though my niece wore the very veil my sister and I wore, I still-to this day-do not get the whole concept of dressing little girls like brides on this day. Are we encouraging child brides? (read-pedophilia). I thought the priests liked young boys, not girls.
Ok, I'm not going anywhere good with this, so I'll stop that for now.

Afterwards, my sister and her husband had a little reception for K. She got some nice gifts-a pillow that plays "Now I lay me down to sleep..." and a couple of cross necklaces. Which leads me to this little thought gem...If Jesus does come back, how is he going to feel seeing people everywhere wearing the murder weapon? I don't think J.F. Kennedy would appreciate seeing little gold rifles hanging around everybody's necks. Just a thought.
Someone also bought her an 18" tall glow in the dark crucifix. Just think sweetie, while you are trying to sleep, this thing will be casting an eerie glow over your room. Me? I think that would just creep. her. shit. out! This kid has sleep issues as it is. It was from an aunt on her other side of the family who said she had one when she was a kid. I think it explained a lot about my inlaws.
And who the hell looked at this and thought-"Yes, there is the perfect gift for a 7 year old girl making her First Communion"? I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP! Someone (again, from my BIL side of the family) actually bought it for her. Kinda makes me feel a lot better about my own family now.

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